I believe big government too easily strays from a people driven agenda to a politically driven agenda. Political power should never become more important than PEOPLE! I want to continue to move toward the goal of a more responsible, common-sense government with focused priorities – a government that serves the people.

Helping communities that lose critical hospital service

Designing tax incentives to help bring in competitive health providers to those communities. I was successful in getting this legislation in our 2018 tax bill that was, sadly, vetoed. I will try again next year!

Bringing back common-sense to government agencies…

Overregulation is hurting individuals, communities, and businesses and many agencies are completely out of control and out of touch with regular people. I am working on bills that will reduce nonsense regulation and bring these agencies back to doing what they are supposed to do: SERVE THE PEOPLE!

Making Sure People Don’t Get Left Behind Financially

Finding more opportunity for tax relief and by focusing on prioritized spending that adequately funds core government responsibilities (the “meat and potatoes”) such as roads and bridges, education, and care for the vulnerable, and leaves the “desserts” for local communities to choose.


I have very much enjoyed serving you. I would be honored to have your vote to continue the work I have started!

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